Founder and CEO

Jean-Baptiste RUBLON

Graphic Designer

Guillaume Doussain

Finance & Legal

Thomas Egri


Young and dynamic, the Flycup team uses its experience in the food industry to create innovative packaging solutions that adapt to market changes

A complementary team that combines skills for a common mission:

Enable food service companies to offer an improved consumer experience to their customers with innovative, convenient and eco-friendly products.

Our vision

We don't sell a packaging, we sell an experience!

Flycup offers above all a unique consumption experience that allows everyone to enjoy their meals anywhere.​

​Our offer is part of a sustainable trend characterized by a more fragmented, faster and more urban consumption habit.

​​We adapt to consumption changes by offering innovative and eco-friendly packaging, both more convenient and more ecological for our customers and their clients.

Our ambition is to become an essential packaging supplier to events and a key partner for organizers and brands wishing to offer a unique and qualitative experience to their consumers.

Our story

Enjoying a drink, a sandwich and a snack, all with only two hands...

Who has never been confronted with this problem?

June 2016

The Flycup Idea

We experienced this problem with Thomas at our first festival in 2016.Noting the difficulty in eating and enjoying the concert at the same time. We had an idea: find a packaging that allows you to eat easily on the go whilst enjoying the moment!

The adventure begins!

Convinced that there is a unfulfilled need in the market, the idea turns into a project. We met the suppliers and crafted our first models. Then,  Jean-Baptiste, our graphic designer, joined the project in order to speed up product development.

The adventure can now begin!

December 2016

November 2017

The prototype

The countless hours spent communicating with our technical partners and making prototypes in our living room have finally succeeded and made it possible to create the right model at the end of 2017: the packaging can be manufactured at industrial scale. The entire team is proud and enthusiastic about conducting initial tests with customers

Set up the Flycup company

The first positive feedback confirmed our idea and the desire to create the business. Then, Guillaume, a specialist in accounting, joined the team to structure the administrative and financial part.

We finalized patents and officially created Flycup Packaging in April 2018!

April 2018

October 2018

The first tests

Since then, our team has come a long way: we have conducted successful customers tests, launched our first large-scale production and joined the prestigious incubator of 'Arts et Métiers! From now on, continue to follow

our Flycup adventure on social media and

in our News section!